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The ICAAR series started in Denmark in 1974. Since that, the ICAAR has gained tremendously influence/impact as reflected by the number of delegates who normally attending. From an originally annual event, the ICAAR has become a quadrennial conference of great prestige, with participating delegates from all continents.
This conference is, nowadays, a high-level event to present and discuss the cutting-edge developments related to AAR in concrete and its structural consequences, namely from the chemical, mineralogical and mechanical point of view, as well as the effects, modelling and management in crucial structures (dams and bridges).

The following 15 editions of ICAAR have taken place:

  • Copenhagen (Denmark), 1974
  • Reykjavik (Iceland), 1975
  • London (United Kingdom), 1976
  • Purdue (USA), 1978
  • Cape Town (South Africa), 1981
  • Copenhagen (Denmark), 1983
  • Ottawa (Canada), 1986
  • Kyoto (Japan), 1989
  • London (United Kingdom), 1992
  • Melbourne (Australia), 1996
  • Montreal (Canada), 2000
  • Beijing (China), 2004
  • Trondheim (Norway), 2008
  • Austin (USA), 2012
  • São Paulo (Brazil), 2016.
All continents have already hosted this international conference.